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The main characteristics of the two types of access are the following:

  • Open access:
    • It allows the visitor to perform a search through the specification of basic criteria and, optionally, more advanced ones, depending on which the group the person who is being searched belongs to.
    • Access to contact information and general data for administrative and academic purposes.
    • Control of the information that each person may see from others.
    • At the moment, only the University Teaching and Research Staff and the Administration and Services Staff have access to these searchs.
  • Access to users. By clicking on the user's name in the upper part, it is possible to have access to the personal information form, which allows the user to:
    • Check information of the person in a similar way to the open access forms.
    • Change the password for the authentication in Uniovi Directo.
    • Access to the email distribution lists (lists from which one receives emails, to which they can send information and management of static lists). See information on distribution lists for more details.

Any user of any application who employs the directory service as their authentication method must obey, at all times, the current Terms of Use.



Members of the community of the University and the general public.


In order to have access to the system esclusive for users of the service, it is necessary to have a username and a password.

Body in charge

IT Service.

Vice-Rector's Office for IT.

Contact of the body in charge

The following means can be used to contact the CAU (e-mails are preferred):
Email Address:
Opening hours:
9:00 - 14:00 horas
C/ Principado, nº 3, 2º. 33007 Oviedo
Incidences can also be directly notified to the University Service Helpdesk , after entering the user and password.

Forms of notification

Ways to apply

Further information