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Corporative e-mail


The University of Oviedo offers a service of e-mail to its staff, students and, in general, to any person who currently has a labor or academic relation with the institution. All the users are given an e-mail account which is valid for a limited time. In the case of students, this validity is not previously defined, while e-mail accounts of the staff and the rest of the userbase will only be valid as long as they are contractually related to the University.

The corporative e-mail service of the University of Oviedo is built upon two structures:

  • A structure owned by the University that offers its users a storage of 1 GB. This infrastructure is used to manage the e-mail account of the institutional positions and the staff that so requests it.
  • An infrastructure provided by a service provided that makes available for the userbase a storage space of 25 GB. This infrastructure is used to provide e-mail accounts for the students and the users that do not belong to the staff of the University. The provider is Microsoft, contracted as a service provider. Thanks to this contract, the users also have access to additional services, such as online document management (Sharepoint On-Line) or access to a suite of online communication (Lync On-Line). Since this contract contemplates additional services, apart from a larger storage for the user, the staff of the University of Oviedo may choose to migrate their e-mail accounts to this infrastructure.


Any member of the university community (Students, Teachers and Service Staff) and any person related to the institution.

Body in charge

IT and Communications Service of the University of Oviedo (

Contact of the body in charge

IT and Communications Service

Plaza de Riego. Historical Building (Alley), 3rd Floor. 33003 - Oviedo
985 10 40 21


All the users of the service must comply at all times with its terms of use. The University of Oviedo has the option to block and delete any corporative e-mail account within the framework of the regulations established. Apart from any complementary regulation, the use of the e-mail accounts must abide by the following guidelines, approved by the IT Committee of the University of Oviedo (V0.4 approved on 03/06/2003):

Ways to apply

Application form for e-mail accounts:

Places to submit

Secretariat of the center in which the student is enrolled or administrative unit (Office of the Vice-Rector, Department, Service) to which the applicant is related.

Application process

The e-mail accounts are created in different ways:

  • The accounts of the students are created during the process of enrollment. Thus, it is not necessary to make a explicitly apply for it.
  • The accounts of the Staff are created when their contract with the Institution is formalized. As it is the case with the student accounts, it is not necessary to explicitly apply for one.
  • The creation of the rest of the accounts requires a formal request with the corresponding application form for e-mail accounts.

Further information

E-mail accounts can be accessed in two ways:

All the users have a maximum quota of storage assigned. It is important to bear in mind that if this quota is reached, no e-mails will be received by the account until storage is freed. It is up to each user to keep enough free space in their account for it to properly receive e-mails.