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López Cerezo, José Antonio

Brief Currículum:
José Antonio López Cerezo is Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science, director of the Research Group "Social Studies of Science" in the University of Oviedo, member of the Unit for Research in Scientific Culture of the Center for Research in Energy, the Enviroment and Technology (CIEMAT) in Madrid, and co-ordinator of the Science, Tecnology and Society (STS) thematic network in the science program of the Iberoamerican States Organization (OEI). He has been visiting scholar in the University of Helsinki, Pennsylvania State University, Technical University of Budapest, University of Havanna, University Institute of Lisbonne and the UNAM in Mexico. His main academic interest in focussed on the study of social and philosophical aspects related to science and technology (STS), particularly topics linked to scientific culture and citizen participation. In these field he has a number of contributions in specilized journals and book series, including Technology in Society; Science, Technology and Society; Social Epistemology; Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society; Science, Technology & Human Values; Public Understanding of Science; or Research in Philosophy and Technology. Among his most recent books and monographies: Ciencia y política del riesgo (Science and Politics of Risk – publ. by Alianza in 2000, with J.L. Luján), Ciencia, tecnología, sociedad y cultura en el cambio de siglo (Science, Technology and Society in the Change of Century – edited in Biblioteca Nueva in collaboration with J.M. Sánchez Ron, 2001), Políticas del bosque (Politics of the Forest – publ. in Spanish by Cambridge University Press, with M. González, 2002), La democratización de la ciencia (Science Democratization – edited in Erein, 2003), Studies in Science, Technology, and Society (monograph of Technology in Society, coedited with Ibarra, 2003), Apropiación social de la ciencia (Social Appropriation of Science – coedited with J. Gómez in Biblioteca Nueva, 2008), El triunfo de la antisepsia: un ensayo en filosofía naturalista de la ciencia (The Tryumph of Antisepsia: An Essay in Naturalistic Philosophy of Science – published by Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2008), Ciencia, Tecnología y Universidad en Iberoamérica (coedited with M. Albornoz in EUDEBA, 2011), and Fronteras de la ciencia:hibridaciones (coedited with M. González in Biblioteca Nueva, 2012).