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Department Board

The Department Board is the collective body governing the Department. In the case of the Department of Philosophy, its members are:

  1. The Head, the Academic Secreatry and the Administrative Secretary.
  2. All members of the Department holding a PhD.
  3. Teachers not holding a PhD but with a permanent, full-time contract.
  4. Representatives of the remaining academic staff (one per five members).
  5. Representatives of the students of all the official study programmes taught by the Department. 
  6. Representatives of the PhD students.


The Department Board is the body that:

  1. Elects and dismisses the Head of the Department, according to the rules stated on the Statute of the University of Oviedo.
  2. Approves the general guidelines for the Departmental teaching and research policies. 
  3. Approves the annual teaching and research plan.
  4. Coordinates, along with the relevant faculties and schools, the teaching of the subjects it is in charge of. 
  5. Informs every question concerning teaching posts and vacancies.
  6. Approves the annual economic report.