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  • «Vidal Peña» Seminar: Programme for January-May 2018


    Our seminar resumes its activity after the Christmas brake. Clicking below you can access the programme of the sessions for the next five months. Unless otherwise stated, all of them will take place at seminar room 118, Departmental Building, between 12,30 and 14 pm.

  • «Vidal Peña» Seminar: Preliminar Programme


    Next week our 'Vidal Peña' Seminar resumes its activity. Clicking on the header you can find the preliminary programme for the first semester of the current academic year, 2017-18. All sessions will take place, as usual, at the Edificio Departmental.

  • Conference on 'Governance, Trust, and Risk Culture'


    Next week, between September 25th and September 27th, the Aula Magna of the historic building of our University will be hosting an international conference on ‘Governance, Trust, and Risk Culture', organised by our Department.

  • Defensa de tesis doctoral sobre el tiempo, la memoria y las tecnologías


    El 9 de junio a las 11 de la mañana tendrá lugar la defensa de la tesis doctoral de Adrían Alonso Enguita, titulada "Una teoría del tiempo. Modulaciones del tiempo y la memoria para cuatro eras tecnológicas" y dirigida por nuestro compañero José Antonio Méndez Sanz.

  • Workshop on Belief, Self-Knowledge, and Transparency


    Our colleague Luis M. Valdés organises a workshop on Belief, Self-Knowledge, and Transparency. It takes place on June 7 & 8, at our Sala de Juntas.

  • Alberto Hidalgo's Ultima Lectio


    On Thursday, May 4, we will celebrate the closing session of our 'Vidal Peña' Seminar for this academic year. It will be a very special occasion: the 'ultima lectio' of our dear colleague Alberto Hidalgo Tuñón, who is retiring this summer. His presentation will be entitled: «La antropología no escrita de Alberto Cardín» (The Unwritten Anthropology of Alberto Cardín).

  • Chinese Thought in the 'Vidal Peña' Seminar


    Next Thursday, April 27, at 12:30 pm, our 'Vidal Peña' Seminar will host Jan Canteras, former bachelor student with us, fellow of the Confucius Institute at Shandong University, and currently PhD candidate at our Department. His presentation is entitled: «Ouyi Zhixu and the Confucian Critique to Theology».

  • Session on '15M' an 'Occupy' in the "Vidal Peña" Seminar Series


    On Thursday, April 20, at 12:30, a new session of our 'Vidal Peña' Seminar will take place. The invited speaker this time is Mar Moro, teacher at IES Escultor Juan de Villanueva (Pola de Siero) and PhD student at our Department. Her presentation is entitled: 'The Origin of Political Dissatisfaction of 15M and Occupy: A Proposal'.

  • 'Vidal Peña' Seminar: New Session on Maternities and Sexualized Bodies


    Natalia Fernández Jimeno, PhD researcher at our Department, will participate on April 4, at half past noon, in the 'Vidal Peña' Seminar Series, with a presentation about 'Maternities and Sexualized Bodies: Discourses and Socio-Technical Practices from a Techno-Feminist Perspective'.

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