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Jayandra Soni: Shifting Boundaries in Indian Ethics


El profesor de sánscrito, indología y filosofía india Jayandra Soni impartirá la charla titulada "Shifting Boundaries in Indian Ethics" en Seminario Departamental Vidal Peña. 7 de marzo de 2022. Aula 6 Departamental

With ‘shifting boundaries' is meant the variable ideas in Indian thought about what constitutes ethical and moral behaviour aiming at delineating the main ideas which constitute the area of Indian ethics. One idea that has become the main beacon in this area is that of non-violence. The presentation will start with the view that the characterisation of non-violence as the hallmark of Indian ethics does not stand in a vacuum. The emphasis on it is based on the fact that violence is indeed recognised, over and against which, ethical and moral human conduct based on non-violence becomes the code of conduct par excellence, as exemplified in Jainism.

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